Structural detailing is the process that brings your ideas and construction plans to life. By utilizing state-of-the-art material modeling platforms, we are able to produce design plans and actual building materials that meet every one of your structural steel project needs.

Design Planning & Development

Before we get started on your project, our engineers and design/build specialists prefer to work with a highly-detailed construction plan that leaves no room for complications. For this, we use a 3D modeling software that is able to construct accurate drawings that focus on the smallest of details. We will also provide you with full documentation so that you remain fully informed before any steel is erected.

From Simple to Complex Steel Designs

The platforms and processes we use allow us to construct the simplest steel structures to the most complex 1,000,000+ square feet warehouses on time and well-within budget. By incorporating your ideas along with your unique vision and extensive experience, we can make sure your steel structure is sound and cost-efficient.