What is a Modern Home?

What Is a Modern Home?

The concept of ÔÇ£Modern DesignÔÇØ has roots in the 1930s, but didnÔÇÖt really take hold until after World War II; hence the Mid-century Modern Home. With simple fa├ºades and few ornamental details, modern homes are almost instantly distinguishable from their traditional counterparts.

No Restrictions or Limits

The lack of restriction is where the beauty and distinctiveness of these homes show their true presence. There is no framework to completely define a modern home, so the sky is the limit. Maybe we should refine thatthe budget might be the limit, but you get the idea.

Our Quest Modern Home architects, builders and interior designers will work with you as a team to make your dream home a reality. By incorporating your ideas and overall vision, we can ensure that the final product is one that will resonate with you and your entire family.

Characteristics of TodayÔÇÖs Modern Home

ÔÇó They experiment with the newest materials along with steel and glass
ÔÇó Open and flexible floor plans with fewer walls
ÔÇó Asymmetrical exteriors with curved walls or unusual angles
ÔÇó An emphasis on sustainability (as seen in many LEED certified homes)
ÔÇó Flat roofs with a wide variety of window designs
ÔÇó Designed with site topography in mind to capitalize on distinctive characteristics

When it comes to your home, we encourage creativity and openness to new ideas, which is the foundation of modern home building. Our architects, designers and contractors are the best at what they do and can make your ideas come to life. Contact us today and stretch the limits!