Our Passion

The Passion Behind Quest Modern Homes

Residential building can be a fascinating art, even though the past 30 years of cookie-cutter design might suggest otherwise. At Quest, we share a passion with our clients for sleek and functional homes.

Going Above and Beyond for TodayÔÇÖs Modern Homeowner

ÔÇó Dedicated to Excellence
ÔÇó Driven to Build Luxurious Modern Homes
ÔÇó Experienced at Stretching Your Budget for Maximum Gain
ÔÇó We Keep You Informed and Educated Every Step of the Way

Your Dreams and Creative Input Bring Out the Beauty of Your New Home Design

Our goal is for each of our homes to have its own unique personality. After all, building your home should be an inspiring experience. This is why we do what we do. Each home is a work of art; designed for functionality, simplicity and flexibility.

We at Quest celebrate these qualities by putting our heart and soul into every home. Do you have an idea for a modern home? Would you like to speak to one of our experienced builders or architects to brainstorm some ideas? WeÔÇÖd love to hear them.

Our goal is to make the process for owning a modern home simple and convenient by providing a one stop design/build turn-key project.